10 Reasons To Like Kickstarter

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10 reasons I Chose to Use Kickstarter

When I was looking at the different crowd-funding platforms, I wanted to compare a few. Now was a chance to dig in to the functionality, and see which I liked best. Here’s some of the alternatives.


Here are the 10 reasons I like Kickstarter the best.

1. I love the look and feel of the site. It looks great, and I’m a sucker for good visuals.
2. They had the largest number of projects that had successfully raised pledges.
3. Seth Godin launched his Icarus Deception there. If it’s good enough for Seth, it’s good enough for me.
4. It opened up in the UK back in October 2012, so as a UK resident we can access it.
5. It was visible on the radar to my peers; and to those who weren’t geeks. That’s a good sign.
6. I enjoyed the flow of uploading a project.
7. Whenever I check out a new site I like, I check out their jobs section to see whether I could fall in love with the brand. I could with Kickstarter.
8. They had a great Twitter engagement and 630k followers.
9. I’d seen some incredible quality Kickstarter projects and wanted any future project to be amongst those.
10. I like the name!

And that’s it. Simple. Which site have you chosen to use and why? Which ones have I missed out?

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