Caleb Storkey London

I’m passionate to see people be all they were created to be, and I’m committed to ideas that can change the world.

I love people. I love potential. And I love to work with people and businesses to help them generate more customers, grow and connect with their audience.

If you’re a business, entrepreneur or marketing department in a larger firm I’m here to help you generate traction, sales and influence through social media. I do this through coaching, masterclasses, webinars and a social media agency that will provide you with the tools, strategy and the implementation for you. Your headache we’ll take away.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve run businesses in different environments. From the accelerated fast growth rise and early stage success of my first business which grew to over 50 staff, to the painful recession-led collapse that killed it some 7 years ago. There’s many lessons I’ve learnt through my time in business; but the need to connect with your customers in a meaningful way is one of the most important lessons. Step in social media.

Over the last 6 years I’ve fallen in love with social media and it’s immense power. Not a fluffy, ‘let’s hug some trees’ potential, but the knowledge that a good social strategy, great content, clear insights into your customers needs, a solid understanding of the best combined tools and understanding of data can launch and grow a business like nothing else. We’d love to grow yours.

Business moves fast. And social media moves faster. How good an understanding of social media do you have?

Can we help?

Who’s the we? Working in social media in isolation doesn’t sound right does it. So I have set up a Digital and Social Media Agency with some incredibly talented individuals who would love to work on your campaigns. Writers, film- makers, community managers, strategists, designers, sales-people. We’ve got it covered.

Here’s a list of some of the services we provide:

Facebook Marketing Services
LinkedIn Marketing Services
Google+ Marketing Services
Twitter Marketing Services
YouTube Marketing Services
Pinterest Marketing Services
Instagram Marketing Services
Inbound Marketing Strategy Services
eBook Writing Services
Blog Writing Services

I also love to blog. Some posts explore social media and other posts explore friendships and social business. Here’s some of my posts:

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Great Quotes To Tweet
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Time To Think Inside A Box?
Listening Skills – 11 Steps to Become a Good Listener

That’s it! Simple and we’d love to help you out. Got a question, or need to work something out?

Reach out for free on Twitter, LinkedIn or by emailing caleb@calebstorkey.com. If you prefer to talk, my number’s +44 7547 671201. I’m always socially available, unless I’m with someone, then I’m off limits.

Give me a shout. I’d love to help!