We Get It Right. They Get It Wrong. Really Wrong.

We get it right. They get it wrong. Really wrong. Why can’t he/she/they see how completely wrong they are? They need to be told. We need to show them. We can’t give in to their ‘wrongness’ because they may find ‘rightness’ in their ‘wrongness’. If they were a little: A. Smarter B. Less emotional C. […]

A Week From Now Things Could Be Very Different

Rihanna has just become one of three acts to top the UK singles chart seven times in seven straight years. This achievement hasn’t been hit for a few decades and she now joins The Beatles and Elvis Presley in their successful runs. Obscure you may say and what of it? Who cares about the number […]

How to Increase Prices without Offending Customers

This is a guest post by Eddy Hood. He helps entrepreneurs make $250,000 or more in their companies. You can read his blog and follow him on Twitter. When I was 13, there was an electric guitar hidden under the couch. It was Christmas morning; I had been hoping for one and the parents delivered! […]

Listening Businesses Know When To Shut Up?

Listening Businesses Know When To Shut Up? Following on from my post How to be a Good Listener- 11 steps to improving your listening skills, I found myself in conversation with a client on the benefits of listening in a business. Through my Digital and Social work, listening is central to what I do and […]