Taking the Online Offline- 7 Ways to Help People Know You’re Trustworthy

Taking the Online Offline- 7 Ways to Help People Know You’re Trustworthy We’ve gone through three different stages when it comes to people’s interaction with others on the Internet. Stage 1- Get people online. Stage 2- Get people interacting online. Stage 3- Get people interacting offline using online tools. I love Stage 3. Do you […]

Have you seen Tim Ferris’s video trailer for his book The 4-Hour Chef: The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro, Learning Anything, and Living the Good Life (Official UK Edition).

It’s a great book, one I’d highly recommend. A lovely quote: ‘Your not to do list has to be as important as your to do list.’

The video is awesome.

The video has got a great Bear Grills feel- not what you’d expect from a cookery book. When interviewed about it, he stated it was less expensive than any single full page display in any national US Magazine, but had proved to be a great investment, as it become one of the most viewed non fiction book titles.

I always find Tim Ferris’s accelerated learning process stimulating (that’s what the book is all about). In a podcast with cartoonist Hugh Macleod, he explained the process for making this video, so thought I’d share it with you, if you’re ever looking to create your own trailer video.

Here’s a few notes I made when I listened to the podcast:

It was directed by Adam Patch.

– In the brainstorming process: Adam sent ideas that inspired him, eg subliminal flashes from a JayZ video.
– Tim would comment back on these. Messages would go back and forth as they decided on the look and feel.
– Adam was responsible for getting the Assistant Producers, Director of Photography and other team members.
– It took a month to plan and 2 days to film. They filmed it in Seattle.
– After filming in the editing process, Adam would create daily cuts and pass these over to Tim.
– There would be lots of to and fro with the daily cuts.
– Once these were finished, Adam sent a rough cut with Tim providing feedback.
– The cuts and feedback went back and forth and back and forth until they were ready to hit go.

Pretty simple, pretty standard- but it did the job! Now you just need a great product to sell and a great director to film it!

Enjoy the advert!

Good Life Project founder, Jonathan Fields, interviews Lewis Howes who had to overcome

‘I’ve seen you apply this mindset to anything and dominate in those areas.’

Here’s the lowdown on Lewis:

Howes is the former NCAA record holder for the most receiving yards in a single game. He left college early to pursue professional football, but two games into his first Arena League season he collided with a wall while diving to make a catch and snapped his wrist. He played the rest of the season with a broken wrist, and after the last game he underwent corrective surgery that ended his football career.

Howes co-wrote the 2009 book, LinkedWorking: Generating Success on the World’s Largest Professional Networking Website. The book is a guide to using the business oriented social networking site LinkedIn. He’s also the author of The Ultimate Webinar Marketing Guide, which was published in 2012. Howes has built several multi-million dollar online businesses, SportsNetworker, Sports Executives Association and Inspired Marketing.

What did you take from this video? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below:

In this episode of Foundation, Kevin Rose sits down for a conversation with the incredibly accomplished entrepreneur, company advisor, venture investor, and private equity principal Chris Sacca. Not only is Sacca a smart businessman and a true visionary, but his wit, charm, and humour make this an informative and fun interview that you can’t miss.

What did you take from this? Anything that specifically inspired you and you can apply into your situation?

‘Imagine if your beliefs can’t get you to where you want to go.’

I absolutely love this video from Tony Robbins. It looks at the drivers of why we do what we do. I love Tony’s energy and his questions- beautiful: practical, insightful and stimulating.

From watching this, you’ll explore what is it that shapes us and how you can channel your thinking to be focused. In it he questions the fact that it’s a lie that the past means the future. Our decisions shape our destiny.

‘If we have the right emotion we can get ourselves to do anything. If we’re creative enough, playful enough, fun enough we can get through to anyone.’

He looks at the 6 needs we all have:

1. Certainty
2. Variety
3. Significance
4. Connection and Love
5. Grow
6. Contribute beyond ourselves

You wont be content without the last 2.
Oh and yes, there’s a lovely moment when he gives Al Gore a high five.

It’s a challenging video that cuts through to the way that we think.

The web in our minds. The needs, the beliefs and the emotions that are controlling us. This is for two reasons. So there’s more to give (and achieve) and secondly so we can appreciate what’s driving other people.

Highly recommend watching this.