What Does It For You?

Music (currently Joshua Radin- My, My Love), Coffee-House (Harris and Hoole Barnet), “Flat-White please.” Writing (currently my Blog), In this Armchair, I’m sitting grinning. Right now does it for me. Doesn’t have to be for long. But if I haven’t done it for a long time. I know it. I get irritable. I get disconnected. […]

No MakeUp Selfie – Why I Cried Looking At Them

What’s the deal with make- up? I mean I get it. It covers over blemishes, spots & wrinkles. It adds colour, pizzazz and brings attention to the areas of a woman’s face that we’re drawn to. Eye shadow leads to eyes. Lipstick leads to lips. These are the two parts of a face that we […]

Help I Need Somebody!

Help, I need somebody Help, not just anybody Help, you know I need someone, Help. Well you need more than someone. If you’re going to be make a change and make it last, you’re going to need lots of help. People. Resources. Tools. Support. Training. But before we turn down the ‘this is too hard’ […]

Do You Need A Social Media Fast?

During the Christmas break, in between the roasties and all the trimmings, I decided to fast. Have a social media fast. It felt great. Why? Because I’ve decided to focus on the face to face social dynamic (aka talking), and nothing quite beats it. Yes, I can argue all the benefits of social media- the […]

This video is challenging. Please give it justice and watch it through to the end.

It’s challenging, not simply because it shows the faults within an organisation; in this case the NYPD.
It’s challenging, because if we allow it to, it can show the fault in our own organisations.
Our families.

When we are in positions of power, do we ever abuse it?
How do we mistreat the trust that is placed in us?
Are we aware of how the pressures we face, seemingly justify damaging behaviour?

It’s easy to point fingers.
That’s quick.
But what about you?
What about me?

I’ve had to realise that there is the capacity and potential for me to abuse power. Sometimes it’s glaringly obvious, and sometimes it’s more subtle.

I’m not part of a big organisation where the culture is hard to break, but I’m part of society, where selfishness is one of the strongest currencies there is.

Perhaps you trade with it too?

Within a sales environment – the pressure to get sales could result in bending the truth.
Within a family environment – the pressure to provide financial stability could result in cutting corners.
Within an online context – the pressure to ‘look good’ could result in bullying a smaller soul who offers criticism. How? By retweeting the comment to your followers to go on the attack.
Within a work environment – the pressure to perform, resulting in allowing others to take the blame.
Within a social context – the ability to cut others off from their social circles because you take a dislike to them.
Within a financial context – the ability to pay below the odds for a service or product, because you hold the money.
Within a shopping context – the opportunity to hide behind the exploitation of the activities of corporations because you want the product or the goods at the price they offer.

When you’re talented you carry power.
When you’re rich (and by global standards the vast majority of us are) you carry power.
When you’re famous (globally, nationally, locally, on your street) you carry power.
When you’re socially skilled, you carry power.
When you’re in a position of authority you carry power.
When you look after customers, you carry power.
When you’re a parent, you carry power.
When you’re a friend, a worker, a partner, a shopper, a lover….you carry power.

Do we support.
Or damage.
Others with this power.

Or put another way.
What’s the impact of our power footprint?

I’d love to hear how you keep your power in check. Please add a comment below.

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