Get Easy Results Without A Personal Development Addiction

Ok- so here’s the deal. There’s so many ‘tools’ we want to try out, ‘things’ we want to learn, ‘skills’ and approaches we want to develop. I sometimes find it overwhelming. Do you? I’m a harsh self critic which doubles the challenge. In a quick braindump here’s a few things in my personal development list […]

A Week From Now Things Could Be Very Different

Rihanna has just become one of three acts to top the UK singles chart seven times in seven straight years. This achievement hasn’t been hit for a few decades and she now joins The Beatles and Elvis Presley in their successful runs. Obscure you may say and what of it? Who cares about the number […]

Time To Think Inside A Box?

A lot of us think its important to think outside the box, and although that’s true, its important for some to voluntarily climb into one. To hunker down. Limit options. Narrow focus. And fill that space. Blue sky thinking can sometimes be an excuse for a lack of discipline. Coming up with new ideas can […]

Me Me Me

This cartoon from Hugh Macleod always makes me chuckle! I was reminded of it when I read a great article about persuasion by Derek Halpern of Social Triggers blog. He talks about the ways people fail when trying to reach others with a bigger platform. They want their attention to get more exposure but they […]

‘Imagine if your beliefs can’t get you to where you want to go.’

I absolutely love this video from Tony Robbins. It looks at the drivers of why we do what we do. I love Tony’s energy and his questions- beautiful: practical, insightful and stimulating.

From watching this, you’ll explore what is it that shapes us and how you can channel your thinking to be focused. In it he questions the fact that it’s a lie that the past means the future. Our decisions shape our destiny.

‘If we have the right emotion we can get ourselves to do anything. If we’re creative enough, playful enough, fun enough we can get through to anyone.’

He looks at the 6 needs we all have:

1. Certainty
2. Variety
3. Significance
4. Connection and Love
5. Grow
6. Contribute beyond ourselves

You wont be content without the last 2.
Oh and yes, there’s a lovely moment when he gives Al Gore a high five.

It’s a challenging video that cuts through to the way that we think.

The web in our minds. The needs, the beliefs and the emotions that are controlling us. This is for two reasons. So there’s more to give (and achieve) and secondly so we can appreciate what’s driving other people.

Highly recommend watching this.