Why We Need To Promise Carefully And Exceed People’s Expectations

What promises do you make? If you read my blog regularly you will know that I’m not one to moan about businesses or people in general. People are human, businesses make mistake, there’s plenty more to focus on. Move on. But over the last few days, I’ve been suitably impressed and unimpressed by two companies. […]

What Is Newsworthy?

Most people are not going to build the next Facebook, play at Wembley or sit in the seats of power. Most people are not going to build the Freedom Tower, live in the Shard or go to Dubai for their weekend shopping trips. Our news is obsessed by the news of the powerful and the […]

We Get It Right. They Get It Wrong. Really Wrong.

We get it right. They get it wrong. Really wrong. Why can’t he/she/they see how completely wrong they are? They need to be told. We need to show them. We can’t give in to their ‘wrongness’ because they may find ‘rightness’ in their ‘wrongness’. If they were a little: A. Smarter B. Less emotional C. […]

A Week From Now Things Could Be Very Different

Rihanna has just become one of three acts to top the UK singles chart seven times in seven straight years. This achievement hasn’t been hit for a few decades and she now joins The Beatles and Elvis Presley in their successful runs. Obscure you may say and what of it? Who cares about the number […]

You’re Not Smart When You Multi-Task

You’re Not Smart When You Multi-Task Reports have repeatedly shown we ‘multi task’ our concentration away and get less done. We’re distracted and lose the focus of delivering and completing projects. It leaves us frazzled, irritated and stressed. In conversations with others, this is not only an unproductive way of communicating, but it can be […]