‘Imagine if your beliefs can’t get you to where you want to go.’

I absolutely love this video from Tony Robbins. It looks at the drivers of why we do what we do. I love Tony’s energy and his questions- beautiful: practical, insightful and stimulating.

From watching this, you’ll explore what is it that shapes us and how you can channel your thinking to be focused. In it he questions the fact that it’s a lie that the past means the future. Our decisions shape our destiny.

‘If we have the right emotion we can get ourselves to do anything. If we’re creative enough, playful enough, fun enough we can get through to anyone.’

He looks at the 6 needs we all have:

1. Certainty
2. Variety
3. Significance
4. Connection and Love
5. Grow
6. Contribute beyond ourselves

You wont be content without the last 2.
Oh and yes, there’s a lovely moment when he gives Al Gore a high five.

It’s a challenging video that cuts through to the way that we think.

The web in our minds. The needs, the beliefs and the emotions that are controlling us. This is for two reasons. So there’s more to give (and achieve) and secondly so we can appreciate what’s driving other people.

Highly recommend watching this.

In this video Gary quotes Eric Schmidt:
‘Every piece of content that we as human beings have created; every radio show, TV show, book, billboard, song made anywhere in the world since the beginning of mankind until 2003, is being replicated every 48 hours.’

Therefore how is your content going to break through in a world where it’s so fragmented.

Do you have the audacity to believe that your content is going to break through?

Gary argues that we in the dawn of 1 on 1 marketing, and that Context is key. This is a fantastic video exploring small town rules, and how we need to get back to personal marketing and selling. If you ever creating content online, please save yourself a lot of hours and get a good handle on the direction we’re moving to. It should have a large influence on the decisions you’re making now. Grab a coffee and notebook for this one. You’ll need to jot a few things down.

Let me know what you thought of it and the questions it’s raised for you? Love to bounce those about.

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