Disqus – Is it Worth Moving Your Comments Over? Let’s Disqus

For those of you running blogs for communication who aren’t too sure whether to go for it or not, here’s how I arrived at my thinking of installing Disqus.

1. I’ve read many bloggers state they would never leave a comment if the blog required them to sign up and leave their email address.

2. Googled around and found a number of other bloggers using Disqus, including Chris Brogan

3. Saw some other articles on Google, and realised that you could moderate Disqus comments if you wanted to.

4. So when I finally took the plunge and installed it, I had nothing to lose. It was a new blog, had no comments, and I could road test it. And I did, and I loved it. Whatsmore there was an iPhone app so I could respond on the go. Additionally I loved the interface and the ease for others to interact.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There will be problems that will emerge with Disqus.

Post note. I first wrote this post a few years ago, and I’m currently toying with switching over to Facebook comments. I haven’t yet, but believe it may be a route I will end up taking.

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  • http://giannii.com Giannii

    Thanks for the kind words! 

    • http://www.calebstorkey.net Caleb Storkey

      You’re welcome! Thank you :)

      And as if to back my point up the Disqus community manager shows up to show they’re in touch and in communication with the community! Nice :)

  • http://libdrone-personal.blogspot.com Alan Jobe

    I believe that having a comment moderation policy is pretty much essential if you publish a blog.   (Though honestly,  you don’t have to install Disqus to moderate comments ;)    I personally would never install Disqus on an existing blog where I have already received and responded to a large number of comments.   I might consider putting it on a brand new blog,  but I am far from sold on it as yet.

    • http://www.calebstorkey.net Caleb Storkey

      Thanks Alan- I’m guessing you’ve taken a good long look at it- what would be your reservations of Disqus currently- be very interested to know :)

    • http://www.socialcubix.com/ Facebook Apps development

      wow great answer sense i like it very well.

  • http://blog.brentknowles.com Brent Knowles

    Overall I’ve been happy with my decision to use disqus (moved to it a few months ago on an existing blog).

    I had a few users who used to post regularly stop commenting (they wanted to remain anonymous and found it more difficult to leave a quick comment using disqus than the native wordpress comment system) but overall I think most adjusted to it.

    • http://www.calebstorkey.net Caleb Storkey

      Thanks Brent, 

      I’d not considered the anonymous element. Good to hear other good stories of the transition working well. Will check out your blog :) 

      Cheers, Caleb

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sending the link on twitter! I didn’t know their was an iPhone app…great to know! That will def. come in handy. 

    • http://www.calebstorkey.net Caleb Storkey

      You’re really welcome. Glad you’ve discovered it now :)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sending the link on twitter! I didn’t know their was an iPhone app…great to know! That will def. come in handy. 

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sending the link on twitter! I didn’t know their was an iPhone app…great to know! That will def. come in handy. 

  • http://www.travelandleisure.co.uk Dave

    I haven’t decided what to do with my own blog yet but it is nice to read a positive reaction to Disqus. One of the worries was the lack of moderation.

  • Michael

    I just switched iphoneappreviews.net to Disqus, so far so good!

  • Guest

    Today I’ve seen about a hundred websites with Disqus comments system. I didn’t know what that is and decided to ask uncle Google. I checked mostly positive reviews, finished at yours and decided to try it out :) My website is only few days old so I don’t even know how the system will look, but am eager to try it out. Anyway, came here again to thank you for your advice!

  • http://www.facebook.com/garethmulholland Gareth Mulholland

    HI Caleb

    • http://www.calebstorkey.net Caleb Storkey

      Hi Gareth

  • Fdssf

    Thanks. I will install this now :)

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