Get Easy Results Without A Personal Development Addiction

Get Easy Results Without Personal Development Addiction

Ok- so here’s the deal. There’s so many ‘tools’ we want to try out, ‘things’ we want to learn, ‘skills’ and approaches we want to develop.

I sometimes find it overwhelming.

Do you?

I’m a harsh self critic which doubles the challenge.

In a quick braindump here’s a few things in my personal development list I want to address and my estimated progress on them:

I’m 70% there on my GTD approach.
I’m 40% there on my implementation of immersive learning.
I’m 80% there on my exercise aims and goals and 30% on the deliverables of them.
I’m 90% there on my Twitter activity.
I’m 80% there on my Daddy dates.
I’m 40% there on my learning of Scrivener.
I’m 60% there in my understanding of Scredible.
I’m 90% there on my friendships.
I’m 40% there on my old skool birthday cards.

And tools- I could write a list of 30- 40 that I still ‘need’ to master.

And that’s where it all comes clear. In that one simple word.


What do we really ‘need’ to develop, and what do we ‘want’ to develop? For increased knowledge sake, for our egos, for simple personal satisfaction?

Can we become greedy in our personal development?

As a freelancer communicator, that’s dead easy to do. You’re paid to provide solutions for other people, (face to face or through digital platforms) and so therefore you need to find the best tools/approaches/skills to discover and master.

Which is why niche remains very important.

Social Media is too wide a subject.
Facebook is too wide a subject.
Facebook Content is too wide a subject.
Facebook Status Updates is where you sit.

And to be honest.

One trick boring pony.

Me: Who wants to narrow down one’s attention to something so small when there’s the whole world to talk about?

My Coach: Your audience.

Me: Shut up.

We don’t want to see footballers sing. Because often, they can’t…
Although John Barnes singing ‘World in motion’ proves there’s still hope for the ‘niche-less.’

Quite often we end up writing about subjects we’re passionate about, but our audience isn’t.

Some personality types find it very difficult to niche themselves down. They love to keep the options open. An ENFP, 7, Plant finds this very hard. (That’s me screwed then!).

Is someone going to take the risk of clicking on your link if one post hits the nail on the head and the next post has squiddly pop to offer the same reader?

And here you have it.

A roundabout confession.

I’m crap at this.

I mean seriously. Look at my tagline. ‘Leadership, Communication, Technology.’ Could I keep any more doors open?

As a result, I’ve got a schizophrenic audience for my blog. They don’t know what to expect from me. And I don’t know what to give them. Some posts about friendship or selfies will get shared by the hundreds and get thousands of hits, others will get a tenth of the traffic. And I’ve come to the humble realisation that I write what I want to write. Fine if it’s a hobby. But it’s not. This is my job.

Bit selfish perhaps.

I’m going to embrace ‘niche.’ The data is making the decision that I’ve been putting off.

Social Media is my main focus. That’s where most of my income is. Consulting, Training, Coaching, Speaking & Writing. So going forward at least 80% of my content will be around this. Why? Because my expertise lies there. I have friends and contacts in this arena and I have access to great tools that give me the capacity to streamline my energies. I love to help people get their message out.

Typically as you focus down on a niche, you offer more expertise to others. And with greater expertise there’s greater resource. And greater resource, often creates space.

And with that space?

Well… I can develop in ALL the areas I want to.

Maybe I’ve not quite got over being a personal development junkie.
I’ll add that to the list of things to work on 😉

What about you?

Are you a personal development junkie?
What’s your niche?
How easy do you find it to stay focused?
Are you seeing the results you want?
Any ‘niche’ tools you can recommend?

Pick one of those questions and let me know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Get Easy Results Without A Personal Development Addiction

  1. I confess: personal development junkie 🙂 My whole own blog is about it…

    BUT: Always looking for the 20% of it that gives 80% of the effects.