I understand the challenge you face organising an event. I’ve put on events and know finding the right speakers are crucial. A good speaker, and attendees are satisfied. A poor speaker, and the tweets can be pretty scathing. Finding speakers who both know what they’re talking about, and are able to deliver great passionate content can be a hard task. I believe I can deliver you all three goals.

Overview of this Page
This page, gives you a clear idea of what you can expect from me speaking at your event. Whether it’s a business, marketing, social media, collaborative or leadership conference, I will deliver dynamic content and help you deliver the goals you have for your event.

What You Can Expect From Me
A Little About Me
Most Requested Topics
Next Steps

What You Can Expect From Me
1. Prompt and professional responses to your emails & phone calls.

2. A personal phone consultation to understand what your conference is, what your needs are and how I can go about creating and delivering content that best meets that need.

3. An announcement of your event through my social channels (unless your event is a non public event).

4. A professional creative dynamic presentation, focused on achieving the goals you have for your audience.

5. A custom resource page for your audience. It will include the slides used in my presentation along with the links and books that will be helpful. There will also be place for people to ask follow up questions here, which I will personally respond to.

6. During the presentation I’d be happy to field questions from the floor and from Twitter, as well as being fully present in break out times to engage fully in conversation with people.

7. Follow up communication after the event to make sure I’ve met your expectations, and to provide you with an opportunity for feedback.

A Little About Me
I have been speaking and performing publicly for over 15 years. I have spoken to large audiences on radio, television, keynotes and a wide array of business workshops. This came following 8 years as a solo performer, reaching thousands of people in London’s West End. You can find more about me.

Most Requested Topics
I speak on topics related to leadership, communication, technology, personal development, social media, faith and entrepreneuralism. I’ll tailor each of my presentations to meet your events specific needs and have numerous speaking titles I could speak from. My aim is to work in partnership with you on the outcome you want to create.

Please find some of my more recent topics. These are a taster, but more often than not organisations approach me with their needs and I create content suitable for you.

How to Bring Love Into Your Business. Business has the capacity to create incredible impact on society. I explore the ways businesses bring love to your customers, staff and stakeholders without compromising good business sense or your capacity to grow.

Business Revolutionaries. Many businesses have been forced to re-engage with their customers and learn to react and move fast.  Here are my 7 keys to having passion, motivation and the tools to turn your organisation into a fast growing entrepreneurial start up.

Moving Fast. Business is moving so quickly. I explore ways you can grow your organisation, whilst establishing  great systems and processes. Making use of great technology and interconnected methodologies, you will be equipped to grow fast without snapping.

Don’t Give Up. In this seminar I explore the 11 reasons we want to give up, and the 11 ways we can keep going. Packed full of inspirational stories, I look to unpack what it means to set your face like flint, and develop perseverance.

Fast Failure. This is to help those who are suffering of failure, are in the middle of failure, or are about to fail. From personal reflections, through to the examples of great leaders who have navigated through the biggest growth times of their lives.


Here’s a video of a Salesforce event I was asked to speak at.

I’ve not had many engagements filmed, but over the coming months I’ll be adding a number of additional videos from forthcoming speaking engagements.

Next Steps

I’d be delighted to talk to you further about your speaking need. Please email me at caleb@calebstorkey.com with details of your event, and we can arrange a time to talk and discuss it.

I look forward to hearing from you.