You’re Not Smart When You Multi-Task

Don't Multi-Task

You’re Not Smart When You Multi-Task

Reports have repeatedly shown we ‘multi task’ our concentration away and get less done. We’re distracted and lose the focus of delivering and completing projects. It leaves us frazzled, irritated and stressed. In conversations with others, this is not only an unproductive way of communicating, but it can be rude and risks details being missed.

Multi-tasking is over-rated, especially when those that pay the cost are those receiving your poor attention. Determine two things: the type of activity and the type of conversation. Some activities pair well: Washing up and chats about the week. Some not so well. Writing a book and a conversation about next years social strategy. If in doubt, put it down. They’ll always be more tasks. There wont always be more quality time.

Next time you’re in a conversation and the multi tasking temptation is raising it’s head, ask yourself this question: What would make this conversation inspirational and transformational so there isn’t room to think about anything else?

Prepare questions that really grab your attention. And if you’re both not able to create or need that full attention on the conversation, then perhaps your meeting the wrong people.

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7 thoughts on “You’re Not Smart When You Multi-Task

  1. Totally Agree with this. There is definite benefit on doing the old fashioned concentrating on one thing at a time in order to do it well, including conversations. Sometimes we see how we converse as a by product of who and where we are however being intentional about your conversations is an effective habit to adopt.

    • How does it work in your performing Mr Vino (he’s a comedian)…I can imagine you’d be fine getting away with a bit of performing on stage and checking your phone!! Do you ever slam people for using their phones at your gigs??

      • I may be biased but I would say a comedy show is a no no for anyone to be on or checking their phone. Simply pointing it if someone is texting or tweeting during a show is usually enough peer shame to stop them and others doing it. Hopefully though everyone is laughing too hard to even think about such mundane triviality as checking up on messages