As an international speaker and consultant, Caleb Storkey speaks on futurism, disruption, leadership, entrepreneurialism and marketing for a diverse range of clients and audiences.



Deep dives into the technology, mindsets and habits of inspirational leaders. Stories and questions. Ideas, hacks and lessons. Register now for Season 1 of the Gett To The Future Podcast.



Futureproof explores the three core mindsets and twelve disruptive technologies that you must have in today’s age to help you be an exceptional leader, grow your business and see success.


About Caleb

Caleb Storkey is a serial entrepreneur, international speaker and consultant, in disruptive technologies, change management, marketing, entrepreneurism and leadership. Co-author of Futureproof – How To Get Your Business Ready For The Next Disruption and Founder of Storkey Media (an integrated marketing agency), Caleb has worked with a wide range of businesses, from multinationals to highly disruptive and rapid growth tech startups.


The sheer velocity and speed of disruption demands a different style of leadership. This talk explores significant trends and lessons we can identify from founders who have succeeded through disruption.

As Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Big Data has borne down on business, it is not only technology and new innovations that separate out successful startups; it is good thinking. Or put another way, leaders who have the right mindset. We’re all the Chief Mindset Officer and in this talk Caleb explores how to install Collaboration, Responsibility and Meaningfulness into the culture of our startups.

Do you know how to survive in today’s fast paced business environment? New technologies have changed the game in every sector and industry and old habits and values have been upended and replaced. Whether you’re running a small business or working in a large enterprise, change is the new norm.

What is the right approach to evaluate an onboard new tech into your business? How does one instill a new mindset into your organisation? This speech looks at the keys to instilling the right mindset and making sure that new technologies are explored and implemented with the greatest chances of success.

Do you what are the most important technologies you need to be aware of in your business? Do you know when and how to integrate them into your business? This speech looks at the twelve disruptive forces affecting big and small business, and how to prepare to drive your business forward.

With customisation aimed at both the vertical industry and audience, Caleb will sharpen the mind around the salient technologies, the most powerful opportunities to exploit and the mistakes to avoid. Above all, you’ll understand the fundamentals of adopting a disruptive mindset.

Many new technologies are sprouting up but do you know when to use them in your marketing? Do you know what tech is about to break out? How do you use them to make substantive progress on your digital marketing?

This speech looks at the different technologies emerging, how they’ve evolved, showcasing with real-world examples. On the one hand, Caleb looks at how the rules of engagement have changed and how tech can be used to enhance your strategic imperatives. On the other hand, he looks at how new tech  like AI, VR, AR and Genomics  is materially changing the options and opportunities in marketing.




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