10 Ways To Know You’re Doing What You’re Called To Do


10 Ways To Know You’re Doing What You’re Called To Do

There’s nothing like living in the flow of knowing you’re in your groove, playing to your strengths and living the life you’re called to live.

For those of you who’ve lost jobs, found doors not opening up, are banging your heads against a brick wall and have a nagging feeling inside there must be more, don’t push on regardless, grab a brew and take a moment to take a breather.

Here’s 10 potential indicators to help you question whether you’re in the right place when it comes to your working life.

1. Peace
When there can be so many options to explore, possibilities to embrace or directions to go, what remains when the sediments settle. Is it peace or is it anxiety?

Peace you say? I never feel peace. So let’s take a step back. It’s easy not to allow any space for peace to be heard. Commitments, Pace of Life, Phones, Always being on. It’s relentless.

For a while I found my head was frazzled with possibilities and projects I’d be in the middle of. Sometimes it was hard to separate the wood from the trees. I developed a habit of taking 20 minutes first thing in the morning to simply


No planning, no affirmations, no praying.

Just silence.

Allowing the dust to settle and perspective to return.

Allowing a chance for to….
and hear the breath. To be reminded of the wonder and frailty of life.

However you find your peace; in those quiet still moments where you’ve nothing to prove and nothing to protect, do you feel peaceful about the purpose of your work?

2. Grace
Do you get unusually irritated with colleagues or those around you. It’s easy to turn around and excuse this as day to day hassle, and it may just be that, but if you’re not one with a short fuse, it may be worthwhile trying to understand what’s grating on you. Perhaps you’re hungry, perhaps you’re tired, perhaps there’s other things going on. Try and capture them. It’s as we capture our extreme emotions, we get clues to what our bodies are trying to tell us. I find when I’m in the flow of what’s right for me, most of the time, I have grace and patience, even for the most annoying situations or dynamics with people.

3. Patience
When you’re working in your flow, you don’t have to see results now. Why? Because you enjoy the journey and aren’t rushing to get to the destination. When you’re doing what you love, you’re prepared to take your time over it to make it excellent. You want to build the good foundations, and you have an internal peace and confidence that you’re building for the long term. Chasing promotion, large contracts or money can make you impatient and take you off track. But often resources follow good decisions where you’re applying your energy into the right places. Patience is needed to not give up too early, and wisdom is needed to know when to push in for success.

4. Doesn’t Feel Like Work
When I’m in the flow, and doing what I’m called to do, there’s plenty of times when work isn’t work and I can’t wait to pick up from where I left off. I’ve looked up and been surprised to see 4am on my clock, and I’ve been absorbed in finishing off some work. Additionally, I’ve learnt to watch the driving motivations of this- as sometimes working excessively is a sign of impatience and a sense of unhealthy desperation. I think it’s good to discern the difference, and imposing a slow paced week can indicate whether you’re addicted to this level of activity for unhealthier reasons.

Equally, there are challenges and times when you have to dig incredibly deep, work beyond social hours and get to the other side. When you’re in the flow, however hard it may be, you don’t want to give up. When you’re not, chances are, you wouldn’t care so much and could always use the excuse that you didn’t have time. You always have time to do things you make as a priority. And you prioritise the things you love.

5. You Want To Talk About What You’re Doing
Do you share what you spend your working hours doing? Are you passionate about it and want to talk with others about it. Often people share what’s exciting, although some extrovert characters are more likely to want to share than introverts. Perhaps, if you never want to talk about it, it begs the question; do you love what you do?

6. Work/ Life Balance Saying Doesn’t Quite Feel Right
If you keep talking about work/life balance, than chances are you’re needing to box up work as it isn’t an extension of who you are. So therefore putting it in the ‘work’ box makes it easier to cope with. Doing what you’re called to do, doesn’t fit into a well constructed box; it’s who you are. It’s involved in every part of your life. Yes you need boundaries to ensure you enjoy the fullness of your life, as too much of anything can become a little sickly sweet or self centred, but you wouldn’t alienate this part of you to call it ‘work’ and call everything else ‘life.’

7. You’re a Pleasure To Be Around
People get frustrated when they feel caged. People get self centred, bitter and resentful when they’re caught up in their own worlds. When they’re like this, they’re not great to be around. When you do what you love, you’re grateful for it, and don’t have the same needs to tear others down. You feel contented in what you spend your time doing. Being caged does bad things to anyone. Yes everyone has bad days, and some of us have been caged too long or have roamed without any purpose that we’ve caged ourselves in our freedom. As a result it can take a while for the joy of a new environment to change our poor traits. But if you love what you do, and are satisfied in living out your life, people want to be around you. If you don’t, chances are you’re more likely to focus on the negative, and the negatives in others.

8. You’ve Got Time For Others
Relationships are at the heart of life, and when you’re connected with who you’re called to be, you’ll find that there is a natural emphasis on the importance of relationships. You’ll make time for others, because you’re not needing to ‘survive’ with the limited energy you have to live in the cage. Do you have time for relationships that matter to you?

9. Hungry To Grow
When you do what you’re called to do, you want to learn more and you want to grow. You’re happy to read, you’re wanting to attend conferences and learn from others who can teach you a thing or too. You’re hungry to learn, as you’re at peace that you’re in the right place. You don’t have nagging thoughts in your head that things aren’t quite right. Are you hungry to grow?

10. Want To Leave a Legacy
The work isn’t about you. It’s about serving, giving and bringing about something that is bigger than you. As a result you’re interested in far more than just money, although resource will follow you’re calling. Because you know this, you see beyond the superficial benefits of ‘having things’ and regardless of whether you have ‘things’ they are not your major driver. You want to do good.

I find that these indicators give insight in my current areas of work. Life’s too short, to waste it away in mediocracy. I want the fullness of life, even if that starts with some discomfort to let go of current activities and re-align myself to a clearer focus.

How else do you know if you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing? I’d love to hear in the comments below.


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