A Week From Now Things Could Be Very Different


Rihanna has just become one of three acts to top the UK singles chart seven times in seven straight years. This achievement hasn’t been hit for a few decades and she now joins The Beatles and Elvis Presley in their successful runs.

Obscure you may say and what of it?

Who cares about the number 7 and topping the singles charts?

Where we’re all surrounded by singers who are here one minute and gone the next, regardless of your own musical taste, I’d love to invite you to join me in standing back and being impressed by her musical achievement.

My dreams of singing success are long gone, but my commitment to sustained impact remain. Regardless of our industries, our sectors or dreams, to arrive and consistently perform at the top of our game would be a great achievement for us all.

As parents, bloggers, professionals, creatives, students, leaders, entrepreneurs with a whole mish-mash of experiences, are we exceptionally consistent time in and time out or are we one hit wonders?

Perhaps 7 years daunts you?

I can’t imagine Rihanna set out to have a top selling single 7 years in a trot.

I imagine she broke it down, developed her talent, got inspired, got disciplined and pushed past the pain. Discipline develops perseverance, perseverance character. Her first single ‘Umbrella’ catapulted her into her own successful orbit. Going forward she was no longer competing against others. She was competing against herself.

As so often happens when you get initial success, you get momentum.

People want to gather around you, you’re fresh to remember how you got there and you’re more likely to believe you can do it again.

It’s the lack of belief in our potential and our unwillingness to work smart and hard that so often holds us back.

Rihanna wasn’t prepared to rest on her laurels. Discipline and hard work. Focus and consistency. She’s known for her incredible hard working attitude. Umbrella gave her the momentum to lay down new beats for this sustained success. And now she’s arrived at 7 in a row. My guess is… she’s not stopping there.

So break it down.

Forget 7 years.

Forget 7 months.

Forget even 7 weeks.

What would you like be to ‘top of the charts in’ for the next 7 days?
Keep it simple. Compete against yourself.

No compromise. No half hearted efforts. No distractions. Just pure focus.
Like you’re in your own audio booth.

It will hurt. Discipline often does. You’ll need to ‘Push Past The Pain’ and take it one day at a time.

But let’s make it a priority. Be clear and specific. Get accountable to others. Do daily check ins.

And before we say ‘what’s the point as we’ll never last 7 days’, remember that even if we’ve not banged out hit after hit for seven days straight, every minute longer we persevere, we’re working discipline into our character and developing the momentum and hope we can build on.

We may need to start at 7 hours or 7 minutes to see a shift in our self-belief, minimising the time we ‘down our tools’ due to self resentment or shame when we get distracted and take bad turns.

Set the expectations at a level that slightly stretches, and when we fall let’s not dwell on it; we just pick ourselves back up and get going again. If we’re moving forward far quicker than we’re moving backwards, before we know it, our reach will have extended to spaces that previously felt beyond us.

So what are you going to excel in for the next 7 days? Where are you going to be ‘top of the charts?’

Let me know- I’d love to buy your single.

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