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Businesses are taking up the Social Media gauntlet with enthusiasm and gusto, but still only 12% of businesses surveyed by the Harvard Business Review know what they are doing with it. We help businesses understand what’s great with social and how to deliver  outstanding results for them.

Social Media is an incredibly versatile way to promote services and products without spending a fortune on advertising. However with the growing number of platforms, tools and approaches out there to use, it can be a tad daunting. And let’s not forget, social media although seemingly free, can be incredibly expensive if your organisation is wasting valuable time doing it badly.

Social Media doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right strategy it can provide you with strong ideas, approaches and relationships to not only grow but skyrocket your business and we can make that happen.

We love Social Media Strategy

My name is Caleb. I’m based in London, UK.

I’ve worked as a social media strategist for 6 years and have been in marketing for 15. I’ve been involved with fast growth start up businesses through to large £150m+ established businesses. I’ve consulted and pulled together many successful campaigns with different businesses, all with one aim: to grow their business and help them become more successful.

As well as being a social media coach, consultant and blogger, in 2013 I set up this social media agency, as a number of my clients were looking for tangible implementations of the strategies I’d created. Many wanted me to take away the headache of learning social media, so that they could get back to other parts of their business. I did this for a number but had too many projects on.

So I’ve been growing it ever since with my friends, and we’re adding two new clients every week.

There friends are specialists in their own niches of social media (Content Creation, Design, SEO, Community Engagement, Video Creation, Writing, Photography, Strategy, Data Analysis, Development). We got to work on behalf of our clients.

And we’re delivering success in a way that’s meaningful for our clients. More traffic, more leads, more subscribers, and more sales. 


Based in London, but working with clients from many far flung locations across the world, we live and breathe social media on a daily basis. Great news for you, because strategy and insight is vital for a successful social media plan. For years we’ve all played with all the latest tools and software, tinkering in our own time on how to run campaigns with flair. As well as being passionate individuals, we’ve got our business heads screwed on. We focus on and expect to be judged by our performance.

We recognise that social media is only one cog within your marketing wheel, and as with any other marketing spend, we know you want to see a great Return on your Investment. Kumbayas and Retweets aren’t enough.

So here’s how we’ve grown our client base with additional new clients each week.

* We’ll analyse your social platforms and provide you with an in-depth report on what you’re doing right, where you can improve and how you can go about implementing those changes.

* We’ll profile your ideal customers so that you can target the right audience for your business, services or products – gaining you quality leads that are interested in what you do, as well as identifying where and when this audience is most active online.

* We’ll look at your positioning in the marketplace and identify your niche influencers – putting your content in front of them so that they notice you and share you with their own audiences.

* We’ll discover the challenges that your audience face. What they fear, what they love, what questions they’re asking and we’ll show you how to find the answers so you can inform them with valuable information – sealing their trust in you and your brand.

* We’ll show you the best mix of posting formats for each Social Platform so that you can get the most engagement out of your community and biggest reach across the web, including the potential to go viral.

* We’ll create and implement a content distribution and curation strategy which will deliver your best blog posts and information, as well as valuable resources from other thought leads and influencers within your audience. You may not be online 24/7 but our content service will be.

* We’ll provide you with the best tools and apps to deliver and monitor your content, ensuring a seamless flow of information and detailed statistics on its reach, performance and your profile’s growth.

* We’ll assess and advise on where you need to blend advertising with your own posting to ensure maximum, exposure, lead generation and sales conversion.

* We’ll establish a Return on Investment model for you, and give you monthly reports, goals and metrics so that you’ll have everything you need to continue growing.


Please take a look at some of the services that we provide:

Facebook Marketing Services
LinkedIn Marketing Services
Google+ Marketing Services
Twitter Marketing Services
YouTube Marketing Services
Pinterest Marketing Services
Instagram Marketing Services
Inbound Marketing Strategy Services
eBook Writing Services
Blog Writing Services

Most importantly, for you to want to keep coming back to us, our focus is to help you generate income.

That’s where it really matters. And that’s where we excel. 

To talk about your project, what your needs are, how we can take away your pain and drive forward your sales, please email with your enquiry.

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