eBook Writing Services


eBook Writing Services

Let’s do a little experiment here. Hop on over to one of your favourite blogs and take a look at their Newsletter opt-in form. There’s a massive chance that your favourite blogger is giving away (a lot of the time for free), an eBook or other piece of useful information, only to those people who sign up for their Newsletter.

There’s a good reason why brands do this – it gives the reader something exclusive that other people can’t have access to. It makes them feel special and provides them with something for nothing.

Not only is this a great way of building trust with your readers but it’s a tried and tested method of building a mailing list.

But let’s face it, writing an eBook and doing a grand job is a lengthy process and can take up many an hour without the added time of doing research and proofreading. Why not make use of one of our experienced wordsmiths who will create both an exceptionally good quality eBook but in a timely matter?

Here’s what we offer:

eBook Content Research
eBook Content Creation
eBook Formatting
eBook Format Conversions
eBook Distribution and Promotion

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