Google+ Marketing Services


Google+ Marketing Services

You may have heard whispers about Google+ being a ghost town – a rushed Social Media Platform, without a bustling community. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth and if you’re avoiding this versatile platform, purely because of this misinformation, then you’re losing out on a massive opportunity to boost your search engine rankings.

Far from blowing tumbleweed across your screen, Google+ has in fact got a thriving community of individuals ready and waiting to jump onto your content but the key difference between Google+ and the market leader, Facebook, is in the type of content you share and the way in which you share it.

Due its more ample character limit, Google+ allows users to create much more in-depth and useful updates to share with their followers and what’s more, these updates are visible and can actively influence a brand’s search engine rankings.

If you have a Google+ Profile you can make use of their authorship algorithm which lends weight and credence to content you’ve created elsewhere on the internet, showing people your proof and that what you’re writing is authentic. Furthermore Google+ Pages can set up publisher rights which offers a similar process.

We get that trying out a new platform can be daunting to begin with, which is why we’re offering to take that unneeded stress from your shoulders, do the work for you and allow you to reap the rewards.

Here’s just some of what we offer:

  • Google+ Profile Management
  • Google+ Business Page Management
  • Google+ Authorship Setup
  • Google+ Community Engagement
  • Google+ Content Creation
  • Targeted Google+ Followers
  • Google+ Content Strategy
  • Google+ Community Management
  • Google+ Hashtag Monitoring
  • Google+ Reporting
  • Google+ Account Growth

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