Attention to Detail in Business- Rolls Royce

Having Attention to Details in Business

At 60mph the loudest noise in this new Rolls Royce comes from the electric clock! This was when people had more confidence that the company would be both telling the truth and selling you something quality?

Do people tell the truth when marketing products and services or do they tell the customer what they want to hear?

Often we would look at the customers’ buying motivation of fear, pride, insecurity or wanting to “keep up with the Jones’.” We explore marketing segmentation, the best media and marketing approaches appropriate to the target markets, guerrilla marketing, how the ground swell of an amusing cartoon or captivating and engaging video could turn customers’ heads. We explore email marketing, text marketing, telesales marketing, door-to-door approaches, off-line networking, television and radio advertising, press and magazine advertising, partnerships, affiliate marketing, billboards, mail outs, and other traditional forms of advertising. We look at online marketing through Search Engine Optimisation, PPC and Social Media. We look at coupon based advertising from the likes of Groupon, and local selling online. We explore the pros and cons of recommendations and endorsements from famous personalities or influential figures within business, and the impact that can have on the companies’ offerings. But even after we have looked at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Quora and exhausted all the best avenues businesses can travel down we find that we always come back to one thing.

People realise when you’re not telling the truth.

Time and time again without exception the best form of advertising is two things: Quality and Truthfulness. Quality spreads. And truthfulness amplifies this. And if you’re going to tell the truth about your business, the products and services that you provide, they need to be good. Very good. You’ll need to make sure that you pay attention to detail. Rolls Royce is still here all these years later. And a quality product has had a big part to play in all of that. If your company’s service or product is poor, there’s increasingly no way to hide the fact. All publicity is not good publicity.

What I love about this Rolls Royce advert’ is that an engineer who worked for Rolls Royce after they had delivered an engineering masterpiece turned around and said, “Well we really must do something to sort out the sound of the electric clock.”

Pursue quality, pursue greatness, pursue the good, pursue a service and a product that your customers love and everything else will follow.

How do you maintain an attentive eye to detail? How do you resist white lies when something hasn’t gone to plan?


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