Disqus – Is it Worth Moving Your Comments Over? Let’s Disqus

For those of you running blogs for communication who aren’t too sure whether to go for it or not, here’s how I arrived at my thinking of installing Disqus.

1. I’ve read many bloggers state they would never leave a comment if the blog required them to sign up and leave their email address.

2. Googled around and found a number of other bloggers using Disqus, including Chris Brogan

3. Saw some other articles on Google, and realised that you could moderate Disqus comments if you wanted to.

4. So when I finally took the plunge and installed it, I had nothing to lose. It was a new blog, had no comments, and I could road test it. And I did, and I loved it. Whatsmore there was an iPhone app so I could respond on the go. Additionally I loved the interface and the ease for others to interact.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There will be problems that will emerge with Disqus.

Post note. I first wrote this post a few years ago, and I’m currently toying with switching over to Facebook comments. I haven’t yet, but believe it may be a route I will end up taking.


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