Earn Trust Before You Earn Money


Earn Trust Before You Earn Money

When people start working at a new company they function on a probationary period. In short, if they’re rubbish they won’t see month two. You could say that they need to earn trust before they earn money.

For many businesses I always consider it such a shame when their sales team spends so much energy and time, working with a company to get them on board. They negotiate terms, haggle over prices,  communicate the benefits of their product and service. And make a sale. Back of the net.

The initial money comes in. Then it’s time to deliver. And they move on to the next sale? For some, the thrill is in the chase. But we all know what happens to promiscuous lovers. Yes, they get herpes.

Why is it that on the delivery of a product or service so many business relationships fall down? The champagne has been drunk. And as the romance dies the relational breakdown is excused as being simply what happens in business, and it ends up being far more of a one night stand than a lasting strong relationship.

Earn trust before you earn money. I love the Consultant who charges himself out at £10k a day but will not invoice for a further 6 months. If that company doesn’t believe they have received significant value for his £10k day date, then they don’t pay. A revolutionary idea but certainly reduces the barrier to working with him. How do you make sure that the businesses you work with trust you. Trust you for good faithful reasons not simply because you talk a good talk.

Consider how much your clients trust you right now. Consider how you can earn their respect. If in any way you have made mistakes, how can you rectify those and turn the experience around for them?

Where it’s easy for businesses to change suppliers and customers to change products, make sure you’re customers trust and love what you do. Because as you earn trust, and deliver on your promises, you’ll have no problem winning and keeping business. And you may win a few hearts along the way too.

How do you go about building trust with your customers? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below?


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