Get Beyond The Rear View Mirror


Time spent focusing on the view in your rear mirror is dangerous.

When we’re glued on looking backwards, we don’t see what’s coming ahead. Sometimes the need to glance, be aware, or protect is essential. We may even argue it’s a matter of safety. After all, if I’m not shrewd, I’m going to get chewed.

But there comes a time when your eyes need to change view.

Time to look away from those at your back who haven’t got your back? To look away from any historical roadblocks of insecurity, shame and fear?

If you can’t take your eyes off the rear mirror, you’ll either crash or go at a pace that negates the need to be driving forward. When your mirror is adjusted, eyes wide and looking forward, foot pressed down against the accelerator, the past gets left for dust. There may still be unexpected twists and turns you’ll have to navigate at speed, but your confidence will grow with each turn you take behind the wheel.

Put the music on, let the windows down and raise a hand out in the air. It makes the journey more fun.




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