Have You Met Wisdom


“A person of knowledge uses words with restraint, and a man of understanding is even-tempered.”
The Book of Proverbs, The Bible.

Can you recognise when you’ve been in inspirational company with someone who has left you wowed even if they have only uttered a few words?

They listen to you talking, and reflect upon what you have said. They occasionally nod their head to encourage you to say more and then with a warm, smiling face and a sparkle in their eye, they communicate a killer insightful punch to you with ease. The punch doesn’t look to knock you out, but brings you richer life and a deeper level of revelation. It’s the kind of challenge you love.

Have you met that person who doesn’t need others to hear them speak, and is content to be in silence? They seem to know what you need, whether it’s to be heard or to give wise counsel. They don’t have an ego that needs stroking, and they’re aware of their authority yet don’t need you to notice it.

Have you met the person who doesn’t say the first thing that comes into their head and doesn’t regret the words that they use, because they choose them wisely. They aren’t defensive in order to protect their own reputation.

They speak with wisdom, persuasion and conviction, yet are not guilty of manipulation or being invasive. They are not above correction, and recognise that truth is discovered in many places. They are open to new understanding in their conversations with you and remain committed to a lifelong habit of learning.

Have you met that person who hears the words you don’t say, the meanings between your talk and the messages in your body language? Have you met the person who challenges without judging, who loves selflessly and inspires you to be all you were created to be.

They don’t thrive off jealousy, vanity or ‘destroying the competition’ but celebrate creativity and diversity. They are not wanting, and live content with the little or the much that they have. This person takes such delight in another persons victories, because in their expansive understanding of the Universe, the good victories for one are good victories for us all.

Have you met this person? I hope we both get to…


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