How To Set Up A WordPress Website And Blog

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It’s important to have somewhere on the internet, where you can put the message out you want to, without being held to ransom by corporations who are more interested in how to make money off you.

You realise that your posts on Facebook don’t reach the same number of people on more. Twitter doesn’t seem to get you the engagement it once did. And you find it hard to keep up to speed with new apps you should master like YikYak, Snapchat and Periscope. But you want a place that you can create and cultivate and that changes with you as your work does.

And that’s where having a website fits in.

If you’re someone, who doesn’t have your own site, then you need to. I don’t care if you say you’re not an entrepreneur or you’re not setting up your own business; times have changed. Purely, as a platform to build your personal brand, to make yourself more employable, and to put yourself head and shoulders above others, we all need a good website.

Through my marketing agency, many clients come to us asking for new websites. We sit down with them, talk through their strategy, their target personas, what makes them unique, what their goals are, and how we position their brand. It can seem like a very thorough and possibly daunting experience for some. But for many it doesn’t need to be. They don’t need an agency to help them. They can create something simple themselves.

Building your own website with WordPress and hosting it on a platform like Bluehost gives you a platform to share your expertise, knowledge and wisdom. It doesn’t need to be hard to maintain, promote and increase your visibility. Once you’ve learnt how to use it, it should become as familiar as using social media platforms.

Over time your posts add up, your network grows and the opportunities can scale.

So you’re on board with the need?

You just get stuck with the how? It’s not complicated. You don’t need a techie. And I wanted to make a video that anyone could follow, regardless of whether they were clients or not. Whether it’s for you in your business, or you as an individual, this video is for all those who don’t yet have a website.

In my free video I break it down easily and show you how to set up a wordpress website and blog in 15 minutes. Why wordpress? Well 19% of websites are built on WordPress and with a global developer community, you’ll be able to get it to do incredible things. Why Bluehost? Because I’ve always hosted with them, and their service, cost and customer support has always left me impressed. And also if you ever want to add another website (or even 30 websites) to your Bluehost account, you can do so without any extra costs.

In my video I cover:

How to choose a domain name.
How to buy a domain name.
How to host your website.
How to build your own website and do all the fiddly technical stuff to get it visible to the world (I make it easy).
How to install WordPress on your website.

I give you step by step instructions, walking you through the exact process.

So what are you waiting for, go to GoDaddy if you haven’t got a domain yet, and get yourself registered on Bluehost to host your site and spend a simple 15 minutes getting WordPress installed.

And once it’s live; please drop me a line and let me know. I always love seeing people take a step closer to their dreams!


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