When people and businesses can have quick access to lawyers and legal help, they can make better decisions and grow with confidence.


Linkilaw is a legal platform co-founded by Alexandra Isenegger and Caleb Storkey in 2014 that allows startups to access legal advice and support from specialist lawyers at their own pace and at a price they can afford.


Alexandra Isenegger

CEO and Co-Founder

Caleb Storkey



Since then, we have won five major awards and helped over 4,000 startups access legal work. Why do startups love us?


We are trailblazers. Forward-thinking and technology-driven, we work smarter than the lawyers you’re used to. Our lawyers are intelligent and highly competent. We’re committed to erasing inefficiencies and rewriting the rulebook.

We are grounded. Our solutions make both legal sense and business sense. We’re honest, transparent and straight-shooters. Our work is robust and diligent yet pragmatic and practical.

We are peaceful. We promote compromise over conflict and build bridges instead of burning them. We think arguing just for the sake of it wastes everyone’s time. We’re solution focused.

We are conscious. We care about individuals and our impact on society. We work with startups and entrepreneurs who are working on solutions bigger than themselves.

We build relationships. We take time to deeply understand the working style of our clients. Experts in personality profiling and delivering legal work to match, our clients love receiving outstanding work that truly fits their needs.


We’re growing fast with laser focus on tech to disrupt the expensive hourly rate model. As an industry that needs demystifying, Linkilaw cuts out the excess. Our communication and answers to your questions are knowledgeable, practical, and to-the-point.

We’re able to offer a unique legal service that is fast and know your reputation lies on being able to meet deadlines with investors and partners. With lawyers who are experts in their fields, understand innovative business models, and with our lean tech focus we are on average 50% more affordable than traditional law firms.

We are a truly Futureproof legal firm.

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