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Many people feel they’ve mastered the necessary skills to be a good listener. They feel they have the appropriate listening skills, to flourish and enable those communicating with them to do the same. But when you scratch the tip of the surface one realises that there is so much more to learn. It’s quite an obscure topic for a book, but I think it’s one of the key areas of communication that doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

Over time, I’ve realised that both good listening and bad listening have an incredible impact on others. I’d love to inspire you deeper into the ‘good listener‘ camp.

This book outlines 30 Listening Skills and is designed as a collection of little thoughts you can digest each day. It’s a taster of a larger piece of work on listening and communication I am exploring, and can’t wait to tell you about. I hope this content gives you some room for thought.

Listening Skills 2

Listening Skills

Here’s a selection of some of the Listening Skills explored.

Listening Skills – 1
Eyeball to Eyeball

Listening Skills – 2
Ask Good Questions

Listening Skills – 3
You Don’t Know What They Mean

Listening Skills – 4
Two Ears One Mouth

Listening Skills – 5
Turn Your Phone Off

Listening Skills – 6
Have Open Body Language

Listening Skills – 7
Be Approachable And Non Judgemental

Listening Skills – 8
Listen In A Good Environment

Listening Skills – 9

Listening Skills – 10
Have Good Motivations

Listening Skills – 11
Don’t Ask If You Don’t Want To Know

Listening Skills – 12
Note Down Points Made

Listening Skills – 13
Recognise Your Power Footprint

Listening Skills – 14
Put Down What You’re Doing

Listening Skills – 15
Understand Expectations

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