Make Commuting Inspirational


When I travel into London, I get on an overground train. I spend more time absentmindedly looking out of this window than any other in my life.

The train is packed. The people are glum. And in a few minutes, we’ll all arrive at our working destinations, being expected to think exceptionally and implement creative solutions.

I love travelling. I plan ahead to make sure I have queues of podcasts and books I want to hear. But sadly I have less influence over my view. The lame ass graffiti bothers me.

I like graffiti. People thinking outside of a box, getting people to question and open their minds to thoughtful statements and imagery.

But this graffiti is similar to a dog cocking his leg and having a piss. It’s staking out territory. Its boring and I’m not inspired by this.

And although its not businesses or the city of London’s responsibility, I wish someone would commission inspiring artwork to adorn the view outside all of our train windows. I wish the government encouraged areas for commissions to take place. I wish our views consisted of more than bad graffiti, dirty bridges and adverts selling stuff we don’t want. Id love it if a company commissioned a ‘colourful creative commute.’ That would hit my lovemarks button, and get me snapping on Instagram to share with others.

Yes it may only increase inspiration a few notches, but the energy found in a few notches can unleash something masterful.

In the meantime, I guess we’ll see more humdrum commuting.


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