What Is Mediation?


Mediation offers people a way to solve disputes by facilitating a settlement. One that is satisfactory to everyone and is built on an accurate understanding of all the issues at hand.


Mediators don’t just chair a discussion, they work with you to understand what type of settlement will be agreeable to everyone and to work through the difficult questions that need patience and resilience to answer.

Mediators are sometimes described as ‘reality checkers’. Ensuring everyone involved can see things from a balanced perspective and is able to remain focused on what will allow the parties to reach their desired outcome. Setting aside drama and allowing important issues to be discussed plainly and with every point of view taken into account.

A mediation can take between 4 and 6 hoursand over 95% of mediations reach a settlement.

My Professional Background

Caleb Storkey is an accredited mediator from the London School of Mediation. As a serial entrepreneur, with two decades of experience in business consulting, and co-founder of the legal platform Linkilaw, he is a specialist in commercial and workplace disputes across multiple sectors. He is a practicing Enneagram instructor and has provided popular training courses on interpersonal communication, providing him with the patience and understanding to help bring even the most difficult businesses disputes to a speedy and fair resolution.

His key areas of focus include:

Workplace and Employment Disputes

Resolve disagreements over working conditions, contracts, payments and conflicts that threaten productivity.

Professional Negligence

Explore whether a professional has failed to meet their duties and obligations towards others.

Business and Partnership Conflicts

Reach an agreement over the direction your business needs to take.

Injury and Clinical Negligence

Decide the best course of action to take in the aftermath of an injury or accident.

Inheritance and Family Disagreement

Peacefully resolve issues over inheritance and divorce.