Nics Fight Celebration


Some of you will know the fight that we had with Friends Life Insurance Company when they wouldn’t pay out an insurance claim to the family of Nic who tragically died from Cancer. I never knew him, but along with thousands of others, felt the sniff of injustice and wanted to lend my energies to see transformation of the situation.

For more information, check out the following links:

Previous blog I wrote about this.

Nics Fight Website.

Petition on Change.

On the Petition you will notice a few things. There are links to loads of newspapers who covered the campaign, and over 63,000 signatures.

For over two months Friends Life ignored the huge media coverage and social coverage this story got, hoping it would go away. It didn’t, and the damage to their brand has been bad. They didn’t tweet for 2 months, whilst the storm gathered momentum.

Friends Life Twitter

Well the great news is, after Friends Life disgracefully put their head in the sand, and it was referred to the Ombudsman, the ruling was in father of Nics family. Last night, I enjoyed meeting Nics family and friends in a celebration. I knew no-one apart from their Twitter handles. You can tell from meeting Nics friends and family just how much he loved others and how much he was loved. It’s moments like these you don’t forget, when love over rules busyness, selfishness, and individualism. I felt honoured to be a part of this celebration. For me, this is why I love social media- the genuine impact it can have on people’s life when people gather around a cause.


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