NicsFight ‘Friends Life Insurance’ Wont Pay

Nics Fight -Friends Life Insurance Refuse to Pay Cancer Claim. Take Action


I follow @Kesterbrewin, a great writer and thinker. I saw a tweet and wanted to find out more. He sent me to this link about Nicsfight. Before you go anywhere else- go to it:

Nicsfight- sign the petition

I went there and I was incredibly moved to read about Nic and the issue with Friends Life Insurance. Nic seems like an incredibly genuine loving guy and seeing messages from his ex students and friends have been incredibly moving. It’s so sad to know that he would have been facing this issue with Friends Life Insurance the last weeks of his life. Having contacted @friendslifetalk they have not responded to the hundreds and hundreds of tweets the last 3 days. They are burying their hand in the sand, hoping it goes away. It wont do, and we wont do. We know when we see something unjust- this is an example of that, and many are outraged and saddened by their action. The family need the payout for the insurance policy they have been paying.

Friends Life Insurance will lose so much more than paying out for a policy that they are entitled to do so for. And whatsmore the gloves haven’t fully come off yet. The request is one being asked respectfully, recognising the pressures of running a business. Friends Life Insurance isn’t a business that is struggling. I’m a big believer that in the right environment, with the right space and time to reflect, and the right amount of time, businesses can learn and listen and make the change that they need to. Let’s help Friends Life Insurance have that opportunity as we campaign for Nicsfight. Here’s 8 simple actions:

1. Follow @nicsfight and #NicsFight

2. Contact the members of Friends First Insurance LinkedIn Company and befriend any mutual contacts you have with them to leave them polite but firm messages to ask them to look at the Nics Fight petition.

3. Spread the word through Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

4. Sign the NicsFight petition and tweet 5 empathetic people you know to do so too.

5. Join the NicsFight FB page

6. Email the CEO of Friends Life Insurance Company Be polite but firm as you request justice.

7. Phone 0800 000 080 or email to log complaints with the reception team. Again please be polite but firm as you request justice.

8. Follow and draw it to the attention of others by sharing it.

There’s a website being built to help the campaign as well as a LinkedIn group. If you are able to give it more time, please do contact @nicsfight and offer your support.

After spending the last few days engaging with Starbucks, I feel it is so important to let corporations know that we want and desire more from their businesses. They have the incredible opportunity to create such a positive impact in society, and many people in these businesses equally have this desire.

Please do spread the word about Nicsfight, and let justice be done.


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