Permissions Policy


I own the content on this Web site and it’s copyrighted in my name. I’m keen to find the right balance between getting my content out there, whilst protecting my intellectual property rights.  I’m grateful that you want to share my content with others, and in advance, I appreciate you respecting my copyright permissions.

No Permission Needed

You can do the following without asking for my permission:

  • Link to any post or page on my site.
  • Use less than 200 words to re-publish my post on any other site. To do so,  you need to link back to my original post.
  • Print my posts, photocopying up to 50 copies for internal use within your own organisation.
  • Print my posts, in any non-commercial publication (e.g., business newsletter, church newsletter, class syllabus etc.), as long as you include this copyright notice: “© 2013, Caleb Storkey. All rights reserved. Originally published at”

Permission Needed

You can only do the following if I have granted you specific permission:

  • Use this content commercially. This includes selling or licensing digital or printed versions of my content.
  • Adjust, modify or add to this work.


I’m sorry, but I wont give you permission to copy and post any of my post in full. Search Engines consider duplicate content bad practice and it can affect my positioning in search engine results. Search Engines can’t always tell where the original post comes from, so I risk being affected by granting this permission.

Guest Posts

If you are a Guest Blogger the copyright to the material is yours, and the above permissions do not apply to you. If you want to re-post or publish a Guest Bloggers post, you must make contact with them directly, as I cannot be an intermediary.


A lot of the photographs I use for my content are licensed under the Creative Commons Licence and the photographer owns the copyright to this image. The above permissions do not apply to them. If you want to re-post or publish this content, you must make contact with the Photographer directly, as I cannot be an intermediary.