Referrals and Introductions – Give More Receive More


Referrals and Introductions – Give More Receive More

Do you know people who find it impossible to share knowledge and contacts with others? They are reluctant to make introductions, or make contact referrals that could be instrumentally helpful to others. The same could go for ideas and knowledge as well. Are you like that?

Without realising it, they can seem possessive when it comes to ideas or referring contacts. They think that passing ‘gold-dust’ on to others, may affect them badly. Or they may be reluctant to make ntroductions because of the hassle involved. Another common excuse for people not making introductions is the fear that it can reflect badly if things go wrong. Wisdom is needed- so if someone is un-reliable you wouldn’t sensibly make a referral.

So how do you handle the ‘expectations of introductions?’ If you pass on your contacts to other people and give away those names that you have, you are more likely to find fresh people being added to your network. Others will know you are good to be around, and will be grateful to be connected with you.

Be careful that you don’t create a pool where only you and a few select people go swimming. It may feel great for a while, but without realising it, the water can become stagnant. Instead, get yourself in a flowing river where there’s always new life coming in and out, and the water is clean and fresh. That’s where you catch the fish.

Often the more you give away to others, the more you find coming back to you. I’ve come to believe that the generous people in life, end up with more to be generous with.

So today, perhaps you could think of two friends you could introduce to each other, and drop them both an email with the reasons why they should connect together. Who would be really grateful to be thought of to receive that introduction.

What have been the most effective ways you’ve experienced of making introductions or receiving referrals. I’d love to hear in the comments below.


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