Save Money Coaching – 10 Steps To Take Before Hiring A Coach

You’re thinking about getting coaching or you’re looking for a coach?

Excellent! I want to help you save money. Before you go any further, please download my Free eBook showing you the ’10 Steps To Take Before Hiring a Coach.’ Not only will it save you lots of money with 10 easy steps avoiding the mistakes people make when starting coaching, it will ensure that you get the most out of your coaching experience.

It’s 45 pages of specific, helpful information for those looking to start coaching. It’s absolutely free.

Here’s the list of contents:

10 Steps To Take Before Coaching

Packed full of lots of practical information to help you in your coaching journey, it has approaches and insights that will save you hundreds of pounds and ensure that you’re equipped to start your coaching journey without wasting any money. With coaching costs ranging from £70- £500hr, don’t rely on the coach to lead the way you both work together. Take initiative yourself, otherwise precious time and money will be wasted.

Summary of Coaching eBook

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