Shallow Waters Are Boring. Take To The Deep.


Paddling has it’s place. It can be fun walking along the beach’s edge, making little splashes in the waves.

But what is it about the deep waters that entices? The big waves intoxicate and the paddling doesn’t satisfy.

It’s in the deep that the real action seems to happen. After all, you can’t go surfing when you’re only in it up to your toes. Try taking someone into deeper waters who doesn’t want to and you’ll experience their ‘resistance.’ Sometimes they make out they ‘can’t be bothered’ or ‘don’t want’ to go deeper. And to be fair, shallow and easy waters are an essential need in life. If every area of your life is in the deep, you may be out of kilter.

But what if it’s all shallow? Or if there’s no shifting from shallow to deep over the passage of time? What is stopping this transition?

Often it’s the fear of what lies beneath. The fear of not making the waves. The fear of being a failure.

When it comes to life, many like to go ankle deep. It’s safe. It requires less. If anything goes wrong, they can quickly nip back to their towels and the ice cream cone. They can sit back and relax, watching others battle out deep. Sometimes they watch thinking ‘how irresponsible.’ More often they watch in admiration, wishing they had the skill or the courage to do it themselves.

Have you noticed that those surfing are rarely looking at those on the beach wishing they were there? They’re not jealous of the towels and the ice cream. They know that they can come out and get them if they need to. But they’re more interested in the next wave and how to catch it right.

Relentlessly. Patiently. Faithfully. They develop their skill.

They have a healthy respect for the ocean and the others out there with them. Their tribe. Their people. Their fellow believers.

They’re committed to grow. They’ll get back up when they fall. Whatever it costs.

Where do you need to take the plunge? Where do you need to go deeper. In relationships? In work? In what?

Choose that one thing you’re thinking of; pick up your board and give it a go.

Not only will you find that your tribe will emerge and be out there to support you, but if it really is too much, you can easily walk back to the towel. There’s no shame in taking a break.

Over time, the towel will become less appealing and the breaks less attractive. And the shallow waters will soon become a thing of the past.

It may cost you a few wipeouts, but it will be worth it.

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