Smart Separations

Smart Separations is a research, biotech and cleantech company that is revolutionising the world of microfiltration with its ceramic filtering platform. A completely customisable, low-cost filter that changes how we filter blood, water and air.


To date, it has secured over several million pounds in funding and expanded operations across the UK and Portugal.


We are a team of thinkers, inventors and entrepreneurs all driven to use innovation to improve quality of life. By working with people from a scope of disciplines, we can maintain an ambitious vision for our microfiltration platform and remain at the cutting edge of the science and technology industry.

Together we are challenging how companies approach filtration and developing the next generation of microfiltration technology. Improving the quality of our air and water, streamlining cancer research and taking one more step toward renewable energies.

Smart Separations was founded to bridge the gap between scientific research and the wider world of business. We are part of a wider community of innovators looking to bring about change.


As Smart Separations’ Communications, Operations and Marketing Advisor, Caleb is helping to re-brand the organisation, supporting the growth of their clean tech platform and refining their communication tools for greater efficiency.

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