The pulse of an event
is often found on
its centre stage.

With the wrong speaker, you’re asking a room of people to look at their phones until it’s over. But when you get it right, it’s as though they’ve brought their own spotlight.

The energy they bring creates an excitement that will give shape to the entire event. The food may be average, or the theme may be dull, but the right keynote speaker can bring the event to life and create a lasting memory.

Finding the speaker who can inspire your audience is crucial.



I work closely with you to ensure my talk will truly resonate with your audience.

To start with, I will provide a consultation to understand the vision of your event, and the aspirations and goals of your audience. This can be achieved with one of my frequently requested talks, tailored for you or by creating a new talk from the ground up. This can be used in support of a branding campaign, a cultural transformation or to launch a new project.

Before and on the day of the talk, we offer social media promotion and provide you with marketing support. We can provide educational material and resources to help people explore the topic further.


Caleb Storkey is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in bringing innovations to market and helping companies reach their potential.

Caleb is an award winning author and has given hundreds of talks at conferences, corporate days and events around the world.

His talks draw on experience in business. Running the marketing agency Storkey Media, he has worked with clients such as TK Maxx, Canon and Barclays. Working as a non-executive director for tech startups such as Smart Separations.

I have developed over 30 keynotes.
Here is the outline of my most frequently requested areas.

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my topic highlights include:

1. LegalTech

The legal industry is built on tradition. This makes it ripe for disruption. Explore how business and individual approach find legal counsel online in the online world, as well as the latest trends in legal technology. With access to a wealth of information and fewer geographical barriers, what will future lawyer-client relationships look like?

As co-founder of Linkilaw, a platform that has helped give over 3,000 small businesses get the legal guidance they need, Caleb uses his own experiences in legal tech and business innovation to help navigate the intricacies of combining law with the digital age.

2. Future of the Recruitment Industry

Few other industries have been as radically transformed by technology as recruitment. Thousands of applications processed automatically, talent found with pinpoint precision and time-to-hire reduced from months to weeks.

The future of the recruitment industry isn’t just a question of how new tools are shaping the hiring landscape but where recruiters fit into it. With AI and blockchain taking on much of the footwork in a talent pipeline, how do people avoid becoming obsolete?

3. Understanding People

No matter your industry or your position, all good communication is built on an understanding of people. Understanding their personalities, what motivates them and how you can help them to grow.

This talk gives you the insights and tools you need to be an effective leader and coach. Caleb will take you through the nuances of using and interpreting language, how to develop a meaningful approach to managing people and an exploration of identifying personality types in business settings. Learn how to have better conversations, stronger teams and an inspirational leadership style.

4. Executive Branding

Everyone has a brand. It’s up to you whether you take control of it. With widespread use of social media, it’s now possible to showcase your ideas, skills and personality for everyone to see and to create the opportunities you want.

Discover how to shape yourself as a thought leader with videos and articles, how to design a branding strategy and how to build an online platform that can reach your target audience. Caleb, author of How to REALLY Use LinkedIn, will take you through headshots, profile design, content creation, podcasting and how to make an executive brand that stands out.

5. The Enneagram

The Enneagram is a personal transformation tool that helps you look at the thinking patterns and inner motivations that drive you. Discover which of the nine Enneagram types fits you and use this to explore and challenge how you perceive the world and the behaviours and patterns you are unconsciously falling into.

This talk will introduce you to the Enneagram, give you an overview of the various personality types and examine how these insights can be used to understand other people and yourself. By applying the Enneagram system you can finetune your leadership style, strengthen your relationships and quickly forge a connection with those around you.