Hello. If you’ve landed here, then it’s because you’ve heard me speak. Did we have fun?

I love speaking, and I love meeting people. There’s never enough hours, but I hope we managed to make a connection, and if not let’s do that now. As always, I will have promised you a selection of the slides free of charge. Normally these are sent out 7 days after the event.

Dead simple. All I ask from you is 3 things.

1. Your email address to send the slides to. Please confirm where you heard me speak and what the title of the talk was so we know which slides to send you.
2. Do check out my blog posts. I love building connections with people, so please leave a comment to a post and lets get a conversation going. That’s an easy way to my heart! And if you like what you read, please do share with your followers and subscribe to get more.
3. Feel free to use my content. I’m pleased if it can help you. I’d be grateful if you could please credit me.

My dream and desire is that you will be all that you were created to be, and that is why I speak and write. I hope through my writing and speaking I can serve you in your quest for lifetime growth and fruitfulness. I’m 35 and will be doing this until I can no longer type, so let’s get to know each other.

Drop me an email to with your email address. You can look forward to receiving an email with the slides, 7 days after the presentation.

If you want to book me for any future events, then please email us or look at what I do here.

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