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Below you’ll find several eBooks and resources you can use to grow as a leader and develop your communication skills. After you read these, we’d love to hear what you think. Tell us what you learned and how well our strategies worked for you.

1. The Nelson Mandela Way – 21 Principles for Passionate Leaders
Why do you need it?

– Mandela’s thinking is even more relevant for the boardroom, organisation leaders and the start up entrepreneur than ever before, as it points to an authentic, effective approach to leadership.
– Without the deep work of personal development and organisational leadership, you are more likely to experience self induced failings that will affect you, your organisation and those close to you. Prevention is better than cure.

Inside you will find:
21 Leadership Quotes, Principles and Photographs of Nelson Mandela that inspire & reveal his teaching and provide a background to his thinking and the circumstances he faced whilst he was alive.
Download: The Nelson Mandela Way – 21 Principles for Passionate Leaders

2. Save Money Coaching – 10 Steps To Take Before Hiring A Coach
Why do you need it?

You’re thinking about getting coaching? Excellent! I want to help you save money. This eBook will save you lots of money with 10 easy steps, help you avoid the mistakes many people make when starting coaching, and will ensure you get the most out of your coaching experience.

It’s 45 pages of specific information and it’s only available for you to download.

Packed full of practical information, it has approaches and insights that will save you hundreds of pounds and ensure you’re equipped to start your coaching journey. With coaching costs ranging from £70- £500hr, don’t rely on the coach to lead the way you both work together. Take initiative yourself, otherwise precious time and money will be wasted.
Download: Save Money Coaching – 10 Steps To Take Before Hiring A Coach

3. Listening Skills – 30 Thoughts For The Day
Why do you need it?

Many people feel they’ve mastered the necessary skills to be a good listener. When you scratch the tip of the surface, you really it’s a lifetime discipline. It’s quite an obscure topic for a book, but I think it’s one of the key areas of communication that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Over time, I’ve realised that both good listening and bad listening have an incredible impact on others. I’d love to inspire you deeper into the ‘good listener‘ camp.

This book outlines 30 Listening Skills and is designed as a collection of little thoughts you can digest each day. It’s a taster of a larger piece of work on listening and communication I am exploring, and can’t wait to tell you about. I hope this content gives you some room for thought.
Download: Listening Skills – 30 Thoughts For The Day