The Fragility Of An Idea

The Fragility Of An Idea

This is my beautiful wife Kerry when she was pregnant with our first baby Iona. We’ve recently become pregnant with our second little bubba who’s been wrapped up warm in the womb these last 12 weeks.

Sometimes when a new idea first comes to life, it is fragile and needs time to germinate. Like a baby cocooned in the womb, receiving its nutrients with safety and space to grow, a bud can be unleashed to the elements too early. It gets trampled on, crushed, and can be left gasping for air.

With your ideas, make sure you feed, nurture and take care of them. Allow them to form a life of their own. For even in those early stages of life, when the idea becomes public and people begin to see it for what it could be, one must never underestimate how much protection, security and attention this seed still needs.

However, equally, don’t be lulled into thinking that you know everything about what will be good for your idea. You will have the motherly instinct but you still need the support of others. Have experts at hand to give the necessary love, care and attention to it. Give it space to find its own feet, breathe its own breaths and grow into something incredible. It will need shaping and moulding with those gentle experienced hands and so develop those hands with the help and wisdom of those around you.

And through it all remember you are responsible for the idea, and it knows the sound of your beating heart.

I work with a number of creative musicians and actors, and I love watching their creative process. Whilst writing, they will draw away to a space where they will not be disrupted; a studio hidden away or a deserted house on the Isle of Mull. And once they’re in their space, they allow the song to grow. There’s a reluctance to give the new material to record labels until the song is matured and come full term. That way they have been able to protect it from outside influences when it was too delicate, but at the right time those outside influences have their role to play once the song is ready. These outside influences help the song find its way online and into shops and into our ears through various media channels.

An idea can be hindered by being nurtured too long or crushed from neglect. When one listens to the call of nature and watches closely with those loving eyes, you will know when your baby needs to be birthed. And whilst you’re waiting:

Learn how to Push. To Persevere, Until, Something, Happens. (Tweet This Quote)

You’re always going to need that gift.


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