Time To Think Inside A Box?


A lot of us think its important to think outside the box, and although that’s true, its important for some to voluntarily climb into one. To hunker down. Limit options. Narrow focus. And fill that space.

Blue sky thinking can sometimes be an excuse for a lack of discipline. Coming up with new ideas can hide us from the graft of implementing the great ideas we already have.

The pursuit of the new, the sparkly, the ‘dream of inspiration that could change everything’, rarely changes anything unless discipline is applied and focus is found.

The outcome: Frustration. Lack of resources. Irresponsibility. Discontentment.

The beautiful thing about applying discipline and climbing into a box, is that we will soon outgrow it. In fact the smaller the box we climb in, the quicker we’ll outgrow it. And potentially the others inside the box with us will also feel the need for more air too!

We already know there’s a large world out there, so we’ll be well versed and adept to break out and climb into a bigger box. Could take little or lots of time; it all depends how addicted to ‘outside of the box’ thinking we’ve become.

After a few transitions moving into larger boxes, it won’t feel cramp, and it wont even feel like we’re in a box. Because we climbed into it. It was our choice. Our big thought. And then we’ll have the best of both mindsets. Big discipline and big thinking.

Is it time for you to think inside a box?


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