What Is Newsworthy?


Most people are not going to build the next Facebook, play at Wembley or sit in the seats of power.

Most people are not going to build the Freedom Tower, live in the Shard or go to Dubai for their weekend shopping trips.

Our news is obsessed by the news of the powerful and the wealthy. We’re encouraged to sit down and swallow another ‘aspirational pill’ wondering how we escape from our world and join theirs.

But for many of us, we like our world, and these news stories don’t relate. We’ve spat out the ‘big’ pill, even though the taste still remains.

There could be news that speak to our ‘smaller’ situations.
Our beautiful simple stories of family, of discovery and of life.

Stimulating ideas that celebrated more than degraded, were positive more than negative and meaningful more than sensational.

The news would take a very different tone.
It would be our tone.
News that valued and encouraged people more than projects, giving more than taking and enjoying more than wanting.

Over time our stories could even speak of and celebrate contentment. Idealistic? Yes?


And the big and powerful need us to remain discontent so we keep buying.
After all…someone has to pay for their next Dubai shopping trip.

Chances are their stories wont be changing anytime soon.

Unless we bypass ‘power controlled’ news?
Maybe created a more social form of media?
It could empower ordinary people.
Give a voice to the voiceless.
Help overthrow dictactors?
Perhaps call it ‘social media?’
…Now wouldn’t that be a novel idea?


Isn’t it time for us all to consume less news and create more stories instead?


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