When Is The Old Better Than The New?

It’s easy to be in pursuit of the new.

To change things up, to open the senses, to push the boundaries.
We’ve become hard-wired for new. New messages. New opportunities. New us.

But sometimes, embracing the old is better than chasing the new. The guaranteed is better than the speculative.

To create something good outlasts feeling good creatively and to be consumed with passion outperforms being a passionate consumer.

Unless there’s output, this creativity may simply be a good time. And as important as good times are, they alone don’t change the world. Or pay the bills. Or allow for the next good time.

What are our historic locations,




and ideas that have consistently ushered forth creativity and produced good results for us?

Who or what did we leave, to be seduced by the new?

And is it time for us to return and be grateful for the best of the old?

I’m not advocating the old that sucked the life out of us or turned our thinking to mush. But could we re-embrace the inspirational book we haven’t finished implementing? The demanding, insensitive friend who doesn’t let us settle for mediocracy? The comfy cafe with a good window and reliable plug socket? The orange trainers, the familiar film and the heart stirring song?

Do we need to re-commit our hearts to the gifts before us: our partners, our children, our tribe? Of course we may have all sorts of reasons why we left and the old may not be able to promise us easy access to ‘this shiny new world.’ But perhaps these promised sparkles haven’t produced the same shine in our world. And perhaps our attraction for the new has slowly grown a selfishness that’s unattractive?

The old doesn’t need to be perfect. It doesn’t always even need to be amazing. It just needs to work. Most of the time.

And when things work and humility, time and focus runs it’s course, often the little successes become even more amazing.

And grounded.

And indeed new.

And thus… the tension continues.

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